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How Does the Virtual Bookstore Work?

This is the bookstore for Electronic Village, the Internet-based organization serving the African American community. It provides a  place for members of our cyber community to research and obtain virtually all books involving any aspect of African American life.  By accepting suggestions for new works and reviews from Villagers, we hope to provide the ultimate resource for accessing this material. 

Most of these books may be ordered through our link with, an Internet book retailer. The prices are strongly discounted and Amazon will donate up to fifteen percent of the sales price to the Electronic Village.  You will see the same prices here as when you go directly to Amazon. It's just that we get a commission when you order through our links here. This is a painless way to support Electronic Village, AND you buy 30% off retail for most hard covers, 20% for paperbacks!  

Any time you buy additional books without coming back to our links, we've lost the commission!  We need your help to make this a success.  Please use the "back" button after each purchase to return to this site before ordering another one.  In that way, you'll allow us to obtain the commission on each sale.  Same price to you but revenue to Electronic Village! And we must have a link to the book you want. If it's not there, please just ask!  Contact: Wayne Hicks


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