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A Click for UjamaaThe Electronic Village welcomes you to our cyberspace journey of the Afrikan-centered principle known as Ujamaa! Ujamaa is a principle of self-determination which encourages us to promote our own shops, stores, and businesses. We would like to demonstrate our year-round commitment to this Buy Black concept here on the Electronic Village. If you know of other URLs that would be appropriate for this webpage please e-mail Wayne!

new The Chocolate Tree specializes in quality greeting cards for the African American community. We seek to display the beauty and joy that is often underplayed and rarely celebrated.

New! Jeff Glisson, an African-American brother from Cincinnati started his own web site development business. It is 100% Black-owned; prices geared towards small & medium sized businesses; and the sites are designed upfront before collecting of his fees to assure customer satisfaction.

button A colleague of our family here in Cincinnati recently opened up her own businees. The business is called Check it out if you have time/inclination.

button We were contacted by Wayne Foster who wrote,

"We invite you to visit our new online art gallery at Abu Fine Art Gallery. We specialize in fine art by African American artists but are not limited to it. We carry art from Picasso to Muhammad Ali. Ebony Visions collectible figurines by Thomas Blackshear and other fine art gift items are also available. We would love to be added as an art resource if we meet your standards. We always have a SALE!"

button Please take a look at the Online African American Business Directory. It offers FREE listings of African American Businesses. This is an African American Owned website and they are working hard to expose it and get the businesses to list.

Check out RopaMall.... E-commerce continues to be a growing part of the information technology industry. It is important that African Americans participate in all aspects of this market. We are proud to be living in a town (Cincinnati OH) in which the concepts are being put into practice. RopaMall is owned and operated by a couple of enterprising Black women. We urge you to check out their website right now!

button The hectic holiday season is almost upon us, but Villagers can save themselves from the mall mob scene. Head to our new Gift Center, where you will find great gifts for family and friends. With our Download Assistant, shopping from the desktop has never been easier. And our new Gift Recommendation Guide can help find the perfect gift for the hard-to-please folks on their lists. And don't forget about gift certificates for fast and easy gift-giving.

buttonWe invite you to learn about investment clubs and other money-making opportunities here on the Electronic Village! After all, isn't it about time that more African Americans were taking advantage of the networth-building opportunities that are out in the marketplace today?!?

Ujamaa in Action...

button At this Web site, you will find The Black Business Journal (BBJ). The BBJ is a mix of politics and economics articles, to keep the world in focus.

button African American Businesses is a place in cyberspace to find Black-owned businesses. From Black clip art to Afrocentric lecturer's hyperlinks will connect you to our "owned businesses." Don't forget to tell 'em you were sent by the Electronic Village.

button Melvin Gravely, IIMelvin Gravely II is an expert on the subjects of entrepreneurship and business development. He has spent the last fourteen years helping people and businesses get the results they expect. He spent over ten years in corporate America, most of the time as a large account-marketing representative with IBM. Mel is now a full-time author, speaker and entrepreneur. He speaks and writes on various topics related to entrepreneurial thinking, small business development, marketing, team spirit and leadership. He is the author of two books as well as many magazine and newspaper articles. The two books are:

An ecletic collection of Educational Products of Minnesota is a website worth visiting if you have time/inclination.

button The Africamvillage is an inclusive global African American virtual 'village'. Like our Electronic Village this sister site was established with the philosophy of self-help and individual empowerment. Africamvillage seeks to build a functional economic and institutional infrastructure that supports upliftment.

buttonThe African American Literature Book Club wants to satisfy all your on-line book buying needs and increase everyone's knowledge of the richness that is African American literature. E-mail Troy Johnson and tell him that you learned about AALBC from the Electronic Village!

The Black Health Net (BHN) is a rich collection of hypperlinks and informative articles by prominent African American health care professionals. BHN features an on-line physician search facility to help you find an appropriate doctor in the African American community near you.

kumi logoKumi is a new magazine for children of African (original) descent. Kumi is always looking for photographs, articles, poems, short stories, riddles, games, puzzles, and so forth. Tamara M. Hunter is editor-in-chief/publisher of Kumi magazine. Subscribe to KuMi Magazine today!

blackquest logobuttonBlackQuest - the Griot is an educational and heritage CD-Rom game that celebrates, preserves, and reinforces the African American legacy and history. Arthur Blair is the creator of BlackQuest. Tell him you learned of his product from the Electronic Village!

button More and more African Americans are realizing that electronic commerce is the wave of the future. One of the first websites to make that move is LittleAfrica which is specifically designed for African Americans seeking outward expressions of their cultural heritage. Make sure to tell Jamere Jackson (LittleAfrica general manager) that you heard about it from the Electronic Village!

The National Black Business Trade Association (NBBTA) started a new program called Re-Affirmative Action Plan (REAP). Use GCH #1368 to "log in" to this online Black business community. It is time to take re-affirmative action so that we may reap a bountiful harvest!

Thirteen Scribes is a computer engineering firm located in Atlanta, GA owned by Kimberly Walker. She contacted us to request assistance in promoting their new program called "Computers In The Hood". This program is designed to equip two (2) million Black households with computers by the year 2000.

...Organizations of Color

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