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Electronic Village is a unique experience.  We are unlike any other website that you have ever visited.  You'll never be able to explore the Village in one bookmark us & come back often!

Alkebulan Links - Alkebulan is the original name of the continent we currently call 'Africa'.  We have some very unique links to our motherland that we would love to share with you.

Black Experience - There is nothing quite like the Black Experience here in America.  Interested in seeing some of the places in cyberspace that explore our experience in a unique way?   If so, visit Electronic Village's Black Experience webpage!

Cool Links - Our Council of Elders wanted to share these links with you.  Enjoy them...and tell us if there are other links that you would like to see added...

Cyberspace & Information Technology - We rocket into the future with faster & faster speed.  Sometimes it is fun to remember back in the day when we all had 2400 baud modems!  Check out our Cyberspace webpage for the origins of this website...

Family Page - Here is where Villagers will find updates on the Hicks' family as well as updates on the genealogy research that has been conducted to date.  We honor the ancestors by our actions each & every day...

    Khalis - Under construction...stay tuned!
    Kyra - Keep up to date on my sister, Kyra Hicks
    Laura - Keep up to date on my daughter, Laura Imani Hicks
    Nailah - Under construction...stay tuned!

Investments - This is the link to the online investment clubs that are part of the Electronic Village.  This portion of the website will become password-protected...

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