[Cincinnati, May 23, 2003] The Cincinnati Business Incubator (CBI) is proud to announce that the 1st season of the CBI Radio Show will air on Sundays from 1 – 2:00pm EST, starting May 25, 2003, via 1230AM WDBZ (“The Buzz”). The first season of the CBI Radio Show will run until August 17, 2003.

The CBI Radio Show is an online talk radio show that features guest interviews with small business advocates each week.  Through this weekly national exposure, CBI demonstrates that it is the premier location for minorities and women interested in building or growing a profitable business. For over 13 years, CBI has fulfilled its mission as an incubator that supports entrepreneurs by providing training, technical assistance and access to financial markets that enables diverse small businesses to succeed and prosper. CBI is committed to delivering excellence to its tenants, affiliates, strategic partners, and community.  CBI currently has tenants, affiliates and graduates in a wide range of business ventures throughout the region.

Through the technical expertise of Radio-One Cincinnati, the show will be broadcast live on 1230AM WDBZ as well as over the Internet on  Listeners can ask questions of the guests by calling during the show or emailing questions to before the weekly show.

Wayne Hicks, president of CBI is the host of the weekly radio show.  CBI volunteers will be involved in all phases of the show including: Scheduling, Advertising, Audience and Sponsor Relations, Marketing, Technology, Voice-Over Talent and On-Air Host.

"The CBI Radio Show showcases CBI tenants, affiliates, graduates, sponsors, strategic partners and members of the community. CBI programs and services will be highlighted, providing listeners with relevant business-related information", states Mr. Hicks.

CBI is excited to have this opportunity to produce a weekly 1-hour radio program on the Internet.  Eric Browne, Chair of the CBI Board of Trustees stated, “We are pleased to be partnering with a Black-owned radio station in town to teach small business owners how to make money.  The fact that the program would be broadcast live for 1 hour; and available for review by visitors to the website, is a wonderful service for the CBI family as well as the community.”

1230AM WDBZ (“The Buzz”) has been a very important voice for the African-American community since its inception. No other advertising media reaches Cincinnati's African American community as effectively and as powerfully. WDBZ has a far-reaching appeal to listeners of all ages, races, and genders. It serves listeners who are 25 to 54 year olds in the Tri-state area. "The Buzz" is respected and valued for much more than being the source of Urban Talk. The community depends on WDBZ for public affairs, news, and community information that they can relate to and share.

About Cincinnati Business Incubator
CBI is the only local business incubator that focuses on the needs of small minority and women-owned businesses. With CBI’s unique location within Cincinnati’s Empowerment Zone and by providing access to targeted tax incentives, loans and federally-supported business programs all within a supportive and friendly business environment, the organization is helping small businesses learn how to triple their chances of success. The goal of incubation is to produce successful graduates that are financially viable, freestanding businesses when they leave the incubator. Most businesses participate in CBI’s program for three to five years and then "graduate." CBI has graduated 34 businesses including United Couriers, a minority-owned courier company that competes locally with such companies as City Dash.


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