Our Children Three

By Minnie Amelia Crockett 

(Ó 1999.  Composed sometimes between 1925 – 1929.)

One day while all alone

Performing my duty in the home

A Wonderful thought came to me

To write about our Children Three.


First I paused in wonder for

Fear I’d make a blunder

But courage entered in – 

And soon I began to win.


So with no time to waste for

My pencil I made haste.

And now for you I’ll recite

My first poem with delight.


They’re dear to use our Children Three

All loving, kind and free

The eldest one – a gentle girl

Who to us is a precious pearl.


The next a noble boy who is his

Parents’ hope and joy –

Bearing his father’s name

As thus he travels on to fame.


‘Tis now of John F. that we speak

With gentle disposition sweet

He is called the Mother’s Child

Always ready with a smile.


Dear God, bless these Children Three

May they ever live for Thee

'Till this fleeting life is o’er

Then live with Thee forevermore.

Our Children Three” refer to Alzeda Love Crockett Hacker (October 9, 1907), George William Crockett Jr. (August 10, 1909 – September 7, 1997), and John Frazier Crockett  (January 8, 1912 – September 28, 1994).

Minnie Amelia Jenkins Crockett (February 23, 1884 – January 22, 1983)


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