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Some call it history. We prefer to call it OURstory! OURstory needs to be told 365 days a year...not just in February. OURstory is often ignored by the media. While growing up there are many aspects of OURstory which simply don't appear in the traditional history books that we are given in school. One way to share the story is with first-person narratives directly from the diaries, autobiographies, memoirs, and travel accounts of the period. Another way to share OURstory is to take the time to live it as we do all around the country on Juneteenth!  There are many other ways to tell OURstory!

Another excellent way is to see our history and culture as displayed by the Smithsonian Institution museums and organizations. Yet another way to learn about OURStory is to find a collection of hyperlinks to African American history information. The bottom line is that it is up to us to ensure that our children grow up with the positive self esteem that comes from knowing that they are descendents of powerful people! This might be a good time for you to take the Black Family Pledge...

Table of Contents
Welcome OURStory Portals
OURStory & Slavery OURStory in the 1800s
OURStory & the Early 20th Century OURStory & The Movement
Contemporary Issues & OURStory OURstory & Genealogy


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