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New! Take a moment to review information about Octavia Butler. She is a tremendous African American woman that has a prolific resume of work to her credit in the science fiction genre. If there is a specific book from Octavia Butler that you would like to order please e-mail Wayne and he will send you the information directly!

button The Electronic Village was contacted recently by Jean Libby who is the editor of a new Africentric book called John Brown Mysteries. She informed us that

"We are a nonprofit publications. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible interested in scholarly Africentric history. I am finding, since sinking $20,000 of my own funds in this (not the group, not the publisher) that I need to speed the process of paying the printer and typesetter bills. I teach community college history classes. Lots of them. Please let me know where to send a review copy for possible inclusion on the Electronic Village list."
We want to assist the sister in selling her book. You can help by sending her an e-mail at and let her know that you would like to learn more about her book!

click here for WALLS book reviews...button If Walls Could Talk is a mystery book written by Written by Vincent Alexandria. Vincent is a creative African American writer who delivers a novel about Sierra Dupree, an independent-minded twin sister. She is seductive yet intelligent in balancing volunteer work with the handicapped and career work in the merchandising industry. A relationship is not her top priority, but fate has a funny way of turning her world upside down when true love finally comes her way and she becomes the prime suspect in the murder of her twin sister's fiancee.

Homicide detective Joe Johnson has been assigned the case of his high school best friend Raymond Taylor, who has been found murdered in his home with his brains blown out. The detective finds his friend has been in litigation with the city council of Kansas City MO about his property which sits in the path of a proposed highway project. The Mayor shows dissatisfaction when he questions council members. It is also discovered that Raymond led a double life involving manipulating relationships, extortion, and betrayal. The twist about this detective is that, while trying to find love in his life, he compromises department policy in the process. Detective Joe Johnson and his older partner, Vernon Brown, provide light-hearted comical satire, while sorting through witnesses and clues in the case. The story is action packed yet romantic with riveting love scenes and real life situations that touch your heart.

Click here for reviews!  button Blair Walker is the author of Reginald Lewis' posthumously written biography, Why Should White Guys Have All The Fun?: How Reginald Lewis Created a Billion Dollar Empire. Now he has written a suspense-filled, humorous, fast-paced urban thriller featuring an African American newspaper reporter named Darryl Billups. The new book is called Hidden in Plain View. This is the second mystery-thriller featuring Darryl Billups. He was first introduced in a novel called Up Jumped the Devil.

button click to review or buy this book!Wayne's Mom notes,

"This is the third in a series of Blanche books. The author is Barbara Neely. I'm not sure how it's doing at your bookstore, but I'd venture to say most of us Villagers would get a kick out of Blanche. She's a dayworker...a housekeeper. Intelligent. Witty. And finds herself an amateur sleuth."

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