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New! We recently discovered Black Speak: Black History, News, and Culture. At this Web site, you will find information dedicated to all Black/Afrikan people throughout the Diaspora. Included are news highlights, historical facts and events, historical speeches and quotations.

An interesting collection of sepia-tone photographs appear on a screen that looks like faded parchment can be found at the online archival collection of African American women.

Mandatory sentencing has unintended consequences. Kemba Smith is a young woman who at 23 years of age received a 24.5 year prison sentence after pleading guilt to conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. She was a Hampton University student who...even according to the prosecution...never actually handled or used these drugs, and had never been in trouble with the law before. Check out the Kemba Smith Justice Page for a classic example of what is occurring to a growing number of young women caught at the crossroads of criminal justice policies that adversely affect Black women...currently the fastest growing segment of the prison population.

July 4th is America's Independence Day. However, on July 4, 1776 there wasn't any freedom being celebrated by African Americans. That is why Juneteenth is so important. You won't learn about Juneteenth in school, however, it is an integral part of our Black experience and we invite you to learn more about it today!

The Middle Passage Monument Project provides an opportunity for Black people to collectively begin healing from the atrocities of slavery.

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