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New! Click here for book reviews! Ronald Nolen offers advice and insights to minorities and women who work in large organizations in his book called Beyond Performance: What Employees Really Need to Know to Climb the Success Ladder.

"As an African American I thought at first these issues were just in my department or my particular company. I learned that people were struggling with these issues in all types of jobs, and professions, at all job levels, in companies everywhere. If your manager's prejudice makes a productive work environment impossible...don't waste your time trying to fix the unfixable. Don't be afraid to quit and move on to a more promising situation."
Nolen has worked at IBM, AT&T and Lucent as a programmer and technical manager.

bullet... Click here for book reviews! No matter which computer languages you master, yooou will be a better programmer if you keep emphasizing three qualities in your work: simplicity, clarity and generality. The Practice of Programming by Brian Kernighan and Rob Pike is neatly structured into nine chapters that zero in on key aspects of progoramming. These include: style; algorythms and data structures; design and implementation; interfaces; debugging; testing; performance; portability; and notation.

bullet... Digital cameras are one of the hottest-selling high-tech products on the market, yet many of us are still in the dark about this new technology. Much of the legwork for you has been done in article "How to Buy a Digital Camera." Check out this article and become digital shutterbugs.

bullet... Many are learning about Visual Basic 6.0 right now. There are two manuals worth looking at regardless of your current level of expertise. Take a moment to check out either Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 by Julia Case Bradley. VB From the Ground Up! Another very unique resource is the Microsoft Text Book on Visual Basic 6.0 that is authored by Gary Cornell... a former Microsoft employee with an inside perspective on the programming language.

bullet......Justice Dept. probably read this book!  Click here!! In his new book, Business @ The Speed of ThoughtMicrosoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates discusses how technology can help run businesses better today and how it will transform the nature of business in the near future. Gates stresses the need for managers to view technology not as overhead but as a strategic asset, and offers detailed examples from Microsoft, GM, Dell, and many other successful companies.

3-D Visual Dictionary of Computing! by Gordon Graham

Lively animated characters guide readers through the confusing maze of computer jargon, explaining 1,000 essential terms with full-color illustrations and clear-cut definitions. From the Alt key to ZIF sockets, engaging pictures help readers learn new terms at a glance. Perfect for anyone trying to sort their way through computer jargon and learn about PCs. Check it out at Amazon Books!

Web Pages That Suck : Learn Good Design by Looking at Bad Design by Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis

This book (and CD-ROM) teaches you how to create a terrific web page by examining the things you shouldn't do. As the title implies, the authors take a lighthearted approach to the subject; but the information which they convey is serious and quite useful. Check it out at Amazon Books!

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