The Grandparents...

Walter L. Hicks & Ada Izona Broyles were married on September 24, 1929 in Tulsa, OK. They had nine children. The fourth child...and oldest Richard Wayne Hicks, Sr.

George William Crockett, Jr. and Emily Ethelene Jones were married on January 1, 1934 in Jackson, MI. black judges on justice Granddaddy Crockett was one of three children. His mother's name was Mimi. She was a poet. One of our great grandmother's original poems immortalized Granddaddy and his siblings. Kyra Hicks discovered this poem while reading old letters with Aunt Alzeda. The poem is called "Our Children Three". Three children (Elizabeth, George III, and Ethelene) were born to this union. Granddaddy passed away in 1997. Some of the folks who mourned him in writing included the Detroit Free Press, National Association of Arab Americans, and the Detroit News. One of Granddaddy's favorite people in life was Paul Robeson.

Granddaddy Crockett is featured in this book, Black Judges on Justice, by Linn Washington. You can find Granddaddy under part III: "The Pioneers" which starts on page 145. You can order the book by clicking on the cover!



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