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Updated: 6/14/1999

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The following five books came from the April 1999 'Best Seller List' of Drum and Spear Books

Infants of the Spring Infants of the Spring by Wallace Thurman. This little-known classic of the Harlem Renaissance by the mysterious, Utah-born bisexual Wallace Thurman, who died in obscurity in 1934, is both timeless and timely. It centers on the larger-than-life denizens of a Harlem mansion called "Niggeratti Manor": Stephen Jorgensen, the recently arrived Canadian; Paul, the ambivalent, uptown social critic; Pelham, the struggling poet; Eustace Savoy, an entertainer disdainful of his African American musical heritage. In this volatile gumbo of complex characters--which also pokes fun at a few famous writers, including Zora Neale Hurston, Alain Locke, and Langston Hughes--Thurman weaves a hilarious story that critiques the paternalistic Negro author/white patron relationship, uncovers the social-class antagonisms in the African American community, and foreshadows the sexual and social themes of James Baldwin and E. Lynn Harris. Thurman's elegant and elastic prose adds more illumination to this bright period in African American literature. [review by Eugene Holley Jr.]

The story that lets the "other woman" tell it!

Sometimes I Cry * discounted price!!Aaliyah Narnwell in her turmultuous quest for love finds exactly what she doesn't need, "a married man!" Benjamin Braithwait is charming, articulate and very much married. Their worlds collide when a trip to the bookstore sends them down the aisle of curiosity, self discovery and infidelity. "There's nothing a married man can do for me," Aaliyah says adamently, while struggling with her desires and her spirituality in a way that is open and honest. It was not her purpose to have an affair. So, how did it happen?

The story is told in Sometimes I Cry by Linda Dominique Grosvenor. the author recently e-mailed the Electronic Village with these comments,

"Sometimes I Cry is in it's second printing! I'd like to thank all of my readers, literary people and chat hosts for making Sometimes I Cry something special. I'd also like to thank everyone who gave my novel as a holiday gift. I will begin my multi-city book tour in January and look forward to making appearances in Philly, Connecticut, D.C., California, Michigan, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Virginia, Arizona and Atlanta!"

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