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  Jazz embraces the vibrant music and lifestyle of 1920s Harlem, an urban renaissance of opportunity and glamour. A novel of murder, hard lives, and broken dreams, Jazz sways with a lyric medley of voices and human consciousness. 
The following five books came from the April 1999 'Best Seller List' of Drum and Spear Books
Wake of the WindThe Wake of the Wind is J. California Cooper's third novel, and her most penetrating look yet at the challenges that generations of African Americans have had to overcome in order to carve out a home and future for themselves and their families. From the beloved and highly successful author of "Family" and "In Search of Satisfaction" comes a dramatic and thought-provoking new novel. My Mom indicates that the book is "for all of you who love to read...male or female. This is excellent!"
review or buy this book right now!Derrick Bell is perhaps best known for the principled stand he took at Harvard in 1990 when he quit his tenured position on the law-school faculty to protest the school's failure to grant tenure to a Black woman. Now a visiting professor at New York Law School, Bell is still deeply interested in issues of race relations and has chosen to explore the subject fictionally in Afrolantica Legacies. In a nutshell, the story goes like this: a mysterious land mass suddenly appears in the Atlantic Ocean, a fabulous island on which only Black people can survive. American Blacks set sail to the island to begin a new life, only to see it sink again before they can reach the shore. On the return trip to America, the passengers draw up a list of principles called the Afrolantica Legacies, defining how they want to reposition themselves in American society.

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