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Before we begin, click on the icon to the right if you are a serious minded Web developer or an aspiring Webmaster. The purpose of this list is for Villagers to share information regarding all aspects of Web site design and development -- a virtual place where birds of a feather can exchange ideas and information.

Wayne was involved in the electronic bulletin board system (BBS) world for a number of years. In October  1994 he opened up his own BBS called the Electronic Village BBS (EVBB)EVBB was permanently closed in September 1998. In it's place rises the Electronic Village website.  Ready to learn some ancient history about cyberspace?

It Began With a Modem...

Wayne's interest in bulletin board systems (BBS) began quite innocently. In 1988 he joined the BDPA Detroit chapter. BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders is a professional association with local chapters in over 40 cities across the country. The vision of BDPA is to be an effective resource that assists BDPA members achieve life long career vitality and be a powerful advocate for African American interests within the global IT industry.

Wayne's first online experience was with a 2400 baud modem in 1989. He enjoyed it as a user (customer), however he didn't understand all the ins & outs of it. His first experience with a BBS network was BDPANet. BDPANet was the first electronic communication vehicle for National BDPA. BDPANet grew over the years to include nodes all across the country. At one point, Wayne served as the co-sysop for the Detroit node of BDPANet.

...Electronic Village is Born

In 1994 Wayne decided to create his own BBS. Thus, the Electronic Village BBS (EVBB) was born in October 1994. EVBB was a popular BBS in both Ohio and New York until it ceased operation in September 1998. EVBB was a member of AfroNet for five years. AfroNet is a consortium of Black-owned and operated BBS' from across the country. AfroNet conferences include politics, economics, male/female relationships, Black family, Black entertainment, and so forth. Contact Idette Vaughan for additional information on AfroNet.

...The Early Years on Prodigy

The name "Electronic Village" came from efforts that had taken place in 1993-95 on Prodigy Services to create an on-line presence for African Americans. We wanted to create an 'electronic village' that would allow for widespread discussion of issues and concerns impacting on the Black community. For awhile Wayne served as a 'special contributor' and 'board leader' for areas of Prodigy Services known as the Black Experience Bulletin Board (BEBB). He met some very amazing brothers & sisters during those days on BEBB. The Black Experience page here on this web site is a direct result of the BEBB memories from Prodigy!

...Black to the Future

Technology versus African Americans!We have met a wide variety of people through cyberspace. At times we've felt like pioneers. Sometimes Shenita would worry that Wayne was becoming addicted to cyberspace. He spent entirely too much time on e-mails and door games! Wayne's one regret is that most of his time spent online was as a user. He wishes that he spent more time back in those early years as a creator. Anyhow, working together, we created the Electronic Village. It has been both challenging and rewarding. We shoulda done this years ago!

Many of us have heard of the so-called "Digital Divide". We want to introduce you to the "Digital Sojourn"! At this Web site you'll find a special focus on increasing the participation of people of African descent in computer mediated communications. This site brings together information for using the technology as a tool in closing distances among all people promoting economic and social justice. Digital Sojourn is a non-profit organization working to diversify the groups able to participate in and benefit from technology through workshops, networking and policy development.

...BBS Sysops & Users

Wayne has been inspired over the years by some great sysops & webmasters. Here are links to their web pages. If you have time/inclination we invite you to check 'em out.

  • Sanyakhu-Sheps Amare' is a brother on a mission to improve the conditions of all our people in the Diaspora...with an emphasis on technology. Learn more about the brother through his website that is known as National Electronic Clearinghouse Center. Click on the website to sense how committed this brother is!
  • Black Geeks Online works with our people to ensure that they are computer literate and technology savvy by the 21st century. The mission of Black Geeks Online is to narrow the widening gap between technology "haves" and "have-nots."
  • Holman's World is run by Michael Holman Sr. who I met via BDPA. Mike is an active member of his church and the community.
  • Minority Affairs is one of most elaborate AfroCentric sites on the internet. The webmaster is former BDPA member and AfroNet sysop Nathaniel Saunders.
  • Paradigm Shift BBS is the site developed by Curtis Brewington to promote his business.
  • Renown Information is the business operated by AfroNet founder Idette Vaughan.

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