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New! Reader Rabbit edutainment software is a continual hit with parents and young kids. And, the titles are huge holiday sellers. We have Reader Rabbit Reading and Reader Rabbit Math free after rebate! Kids learn early reading and math skills via games, puzzles, and interactive stories. It is also perfect for pre-readers because there are spoken hints throughout each activity. Our free-after-rebate offer makes these titles irresistible (A $14.99 value to you).

Only $5 to buy it! A co-worker of our sister (Kyra) from her Hallmark days is the illustrator of a wonderful book for 4-8 year olds called, Glo Goes Shopping. Glo is a girl on a mission: she must find just the right birthday gift for her friend Nandi. At the mall, she makes the rounds of stores, browsing and considering. There are so many choices, Glo is a bit overwhelmed. Suddenly she sees the perfect present for Nandi! Click on the bookcover and goo check out the book yourself!

Click here to order!! Shaq and the Beanstalk and Other Very Tall Tales is a children's book written by Shaquille O'Neal and illustrated by Shane Evans. In six dynamic, photograph-splashed tall tales, Shaq meets the three bears, encounters the billy goats Gruff, and finally makes it home. You can hear Shaq's voice in the telling ("...there before me stood the biggest Big Man I'd ever seen. I'll tell you, if this guy had skills, he would have done well in the NBA."), and he takes pains to include some advice for living ("I have always believed that fighting is the loser's way out."). All in all, these are terrific stories, told with skill and a big heart. The fact that they come from a 7-foot-tall physical genius should only make them more appealing. (Ages 4 to 10)

Pseudo Cool that cannot be found inside local bookstores. Why? Because it's always hard to find books written by Black people that tell the truth about the Black experience. Pseudo Cool is written by a Black student named Joseph Green who graduated from Stanford University. The book describes several racist incidents and the struggle of a Black Student Union to recover from the death of its leader and add cultural diversity to the university's curriculum. Pseudo Cool has been criticized for its so-called graphic sex scenes, language, and descriptions of prostitution and drug abuse. Others are saying that Pseudo Cool presents a very true picture of what happens to a lot of Black students at predominately white universities. The author, Mr. Green has stated,

"They don't want this book to get too popular because it's fiction that does tell a truth about a very challenging experience many Black people go through at these white universities."

Kids Talk here to review! Our sister, Kyra Hicks issued a New Book Alert to all of us on the Electronic Village. Kyra said,

"Recently my doll teacher, Francine Haskins, shared with us a new book that has just been published - Kids Talk Hair: An Instruction Book for Grown-Ups and Kids by Pamela Harrell. The photography is delightful and fun. Your kids will love seeing photos of other children who look like them. The book focuses on hair care for African American children. 120 page, color photos. It's worth a look!"

[Reading Level: 4-8 years old]

[Reading Level: 9-12 years old]

[Reading Level: Young Adult]

Nappy Hair Nappy Hair by Carolivia Herron is a book for children aged 4-8 years old. In a unique and vibrant picture book that uses the African American call-and-response tradition, a family talks back and forth about adorable Brenda's hair--it's the nappiest, the curliest, the twistiest hair in the whole family. The family delights in poking gentle fun with their hilarious descriptions, all the time discovering the inherent beauty and meaning of Brenda's hair. Wayne's mother noted that "I loved the book and applaud the subtle message it delivers".

My Aunt Came Back My Aunt Came Back by Pat Cummings is a 14-page cardboard book designed for toddlers/pre-schoolers. It is about a little girl's aunt who travels to many countries--and always returns with a different gift for the girl. In the end, the aunt brings back the best gift ever--the aunt takes the niece on the next trip! [review by Laura's Aunt Kyra!]

Help Your Child Retain Their Natural Head Start in Life!!!

Awakening The Natural Genius of Black Children Upon birth the BLACK child has staggering GENIUS potential; often external forces retard infant development at key growth phases. Black infants achieve seven psychomotor skills 2 - 40 times sooner than their European counterparts (p.13). However, by age three, this headstart disappears as Black children start falling behind. Buy Amos Wilsonís "Awakening the Genius of the Black Child and learn techniques to retain the GENIUS nature of your child, niece or nephew.

Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella Cendrillon: A Caribbean Cinderella by Robert San Souci is a hardback book designed for children in the 5-10 age group. As a Caribbean fairy godmother sets the record straight on what "really" happened in the famous tale, her spirited telling provides a fresh twist on this beloved classic. [review by Laura's Aunt Kyra!]

The Black Parenting BookOur daughter, Laura Imani Hicks, is our pride and joy. We are learning as much as we can about parenting. THE BLACK PARENTING BOOK: CARING FOR OUR CHILDREN IN THE FIRST FIVE YEARS by Anne Beal shares everything that Black parents need to know about health care, nutrition, hair care, toilet training, sleep, discipline, spiritual choices, and culture pride for infants, toddlers, and pre-schoolers.

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