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follow me to ourstory! It is amazing how rarely people of color are included in the history that we are taught in school. We get a glimpse of Martin and a taste of George Washington Carver and a dab of Booker T. Washington. But, that is about it. Nobody mentions the tremendous stories that make up our heritage from the days before slavery. Nor are we told any of the gruesome realities of chattel slavery. We have to tell OURstory in order to maintain a balance. Click on the talking griot up on your right...and be transported to Electronic Village's rendition of OURstory!

...Black to the Future!

The Black Commentator. Published every Thursday, the Black Commentator's is focused on commentary, analysis and investigation, elements of political dialogue that are absolutely essential to the creation of movements for social change.

Check out the find various reports presenting data on the demographic, social, and economic characteristics of the Black population in the United States. This information is based on the Annual Demographic Supplement to the March 2002 Current Population Survey (CPS).

Black Living; a networking community focusing on providing news, entertainment, career, health, fitness, beauty, business, personal finance for today's Black woman.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste! The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) is a consortium of 39 private, historically black colleges and universities. Its purpose is to raise funds and provide services to support its member colleges.

Much like our own Electronic Village...there is another website that is home to the AfricamVillage. The AfricamVillage is an inclusive Global African American virtual Village. Established with the philosophy of self-help and individual empowerment, AfricamVillage seeks to build a functional economic and institutional infrastructure that supports community upliftment, while accelerating the access to and use of advanced communications and information technologies -- primarily among the "technological have-nots." AfricamVillage features the Africa Emporium -- an online department store marketing an expanding selection of art, books, software, plus other products and services; and The AfricamVillage Development Center -- a foundation and resource center that advances AfricamVillage's Vision and Mission through several strategic initiatives.

Articles related to health and relaxation, tested recipes for healthy food choices, personal relationships and parenting tips are what you will find on the World African Network (WAN) Lifestyles website.

affirmative acts: political essaysAffirmative Acts: Political Essays by June Jordan offers forty insightful essays, some in verse, on topics including affirmative action, breast cancer, foreign policy, and important figures such as Paul Robeson and Nelson Mandela.

The Black Collegian Online provides a complete source to career planning, job search information, study-abroad programs, health/fitness, graduate/professional schools, internships, co-ops, and other important information to ensure a smooth transition from college to a successful career. Enjoy your visit!

An amazing number of African Americans attend church services on Sunday morning. There are a growing number of African American churches with a presence here on the internet. Is your church online yet?

One of the websites that inspired Wayne was created by a brother named Nathaniel Saunders down in Dallas, TX. His website is called Minority Affairs and Issues. It is dedicated to keeping the lines of communication open for people of all races, creeds, and colors! Check it out and let Nat know that you heard about it from the Electronic Village.

This website will provide you a detailed collection of propaganda and psychological warfare used against people of color. Here you will find a fascinating accumulation of terms and definitions as used by various Washington power establishments.

African Centered Rites of Passage and Education is a book by Lathardus Goggins which provides a reference for understanding "family-based community-linked" African centered rites of passage. Lathardus Goggins is the owner of the Mawasi Company.

Race continues to provide the critical line of cleavage in US society. Approaches on the study of race include demography, historical studies, labor market economics, survey research and so forth. One place to find this type of research is at the University of Chicago Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture.

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