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the africa cookbook The Africa Cookbook: Taste of the Continent by Jessica Harris dispels negative media images of Africa by uplifting its culinary offerings. This wonderful gem of a book includes more than 200 recipes and the historical and cultural context of each dish.

African Cultures is a starting point for exploring various African hyperlinks conveniently grouped together by their "Netlinks." There are annotated hyperlinks to African-related Web sites, featured articles, an event calendar, weekly e-mailed newsletter (KIAFRIKA GAZETI), chat room, bookstore, video store and more. Vanissa James Davis is your guide to many of these sites and articles. Please remember to return to the Electronic Village when you finish exploring these links to other places in cyberspace!

At this site you will find a robust collection of resources centered around African philosophy. African philosophy is a field in development and this site pulls together many useful areas of research.

Research in African primary sources has posed challenges to the research community since the dawn of African studies as a discipline. Africa Research Central's goal is to centralize and constantly update information which facilitates international research in African studies.

zulu laws of success The African Technology Forum is a source of information on science and technology in Africa. This is a site to visit if you are interested in providing consulting services and networking opportunities for information technology professionals involved in African development.

The background notes on Africa. These notes give detailed information about the people, history, government, economy, political conditions, government officials and more.

Coded Messages: Chains explores an intercultural interface in the drum language performance of the Ewe people of Ghana (west Africa) with the advertisements of multinational corporate society. You won't find this link anyplace but on the Electronic Village!

The Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography is an online journal of bibliographies on many aspects of Africa, its peoples, their homes, cities, towns, districts, states, countries, regions, and other aspects of the Diaspora. each bibliography has an introduction or a preface.

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