Our Introduction

Electronic Village

Welcome to the Electronic Village!  The Electronic Village serves multiple purposes.  First, it is the cyberspace home of Hicks Enterprises.  Also, this is a 'virtual village' created in the African tradition with an eclectic collection of web pages that are updated on a regular basis.  For example, a number of our web pages are devoted to the history of African American people...affectionately known here as OURstory. You can find all of our website updates listed on the Village News page.  

The Electronic Village carries a wide variety of products, services and other features that you will find useful in the real world.  We invite you to take part in the journey that takes place on web pages devoted to economic empowerment, information technology, the Black experience and so much more!  Also, we invite you to join our online community!  

      Our Mission

The Electronic Village will become a destination for people interested in obtaining economic freedom & empowerment.  We will raise the consciousness of our Villagers and redirect more of our consumption spending to businesses in our communities.  Villagers have an opportunity to share in a spiritual, social and financial awakening here in the Electronic Village.  We no longer have to complain about discrimination and disrespect from others...we can now practice self-respect, self-love, and self-determination here in our own Electronic Village.  Part of developing a larger sense of our self comes from reading uplifting literature.  Check out the Electronic Village Bookstore for some great reading ideas!  

     Our Profile

BDPA Foundation

Electronic Village is owned & operated by Wayne Hicks (CEO, Hicks Enterprises). Wayne is a brother living in Ohio with many different interests.  He retired after a 23-year career with the federal government to start his own business.  He served as president of Cincinnati Business Incubator (CBI) from 2003-2008, using his executive skills to significantly increase jobs and economic activity.  CBI had 17 clients when Wayne took over as president.  The incubator now has 41 small business clients (an all-time high) who employ 136 employees and had over $4.6 million in economic activity over the past year.  Wayne is also the past president of National BDPA.  BDPA is a global member-focused technology organization with 50 chapters located in over 30 states. 

Electronic Village is a well respected portal in cyberspace.  We invite you to take a seat  under the baobab tree and get to know all aspects of the Electronic Village.  As of this very are a Villager! Please click here to send this page to a friend!

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